National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Jacob’s SWAG Foundation Inc is honored and excited to be able to grant 8 scholarships in memory of Jacob Ellefson, to the Monroe High School Class of 2018. Each student was awarded a $500 scholarship for their past achievements, overcoming current struggles and to celebrate their future endeavors. Best of luck to the entire Monroe High School Class of 2018. Scholarships are awarded based on the Mission Statement of Jacob’s SWAG Foundation which is:

Jacob’s SWAG is a nonprofit organization that provides area youth help and hope to prevent suicide, discourage bullying, promote awareness for mental illness and to help our youth make good life choices.

Best of Luck to the entire Class of 2018.

* Alexis Allen
* Ally Einbeck
* Samantha Ellefson
* Meredith Hose
* Drake Ingold
* Jason Koller
* Ashley McGrath
* Brian McKeon
* Collyn Wilde
* Brayden Zettle