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Buddy Bench”… It’s a concept to help students who are lonely, and have no one to play with. It’s an actual bench, where students can sit…and it is designed to encourage other students to befriend them. It will be incorporated into the district’s anti-bullying campaign.

Lots of kids feel alone on the playground, and many parents worry about their child being “that lonely kid” that is not being included…

“Buddy Bench” is a simple concept that we think will make a great addition to area grade schools. Jacob’s SWAG Foundation has helped placed benches at the following schools:

  • Black Hawk Elementary
  • Darlington Elementary
  • Argyle Elementary
  • Monticello Elementary
  • Brodhead Elementary – 2 benches
  • Monroe Public Pool
  • Albany Elementary
  • Juda Elementary


2018 Jacob’s SWAG Foundation was able to place new Buddy Benches in the following areas throughout the Monroe, Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

  • Monroe Public Pool
  • New Glarus Public Pool
  • Pecatonica Elementary